Wednesday, April 2, 2014

CAIR tries to ban film about abuse against woman citing it as....Islamophobic

(US) Under Sharia Law the lot of a woman is a lot less than that of a man. Islamic men are not only taught this salient fact, but they go to great lengths in which to ensure that women know this also. Which is why a few years back in America Muzzammil Syed Hassan decided with his wife to set up a TV channel (Bridges TV) designed to portray Muslims in a positive light and counter the media's negative stereotypes.. A few years later the same Muzzammil Syed Hassan,  beheaded his wife after she filed for divorce on grounds of physical abuse.

I wrote yesterday about the Iraqi man who raped and beheaded his girlfriend in England. There are numerous incidents of Islamic Honour killings and Rape gangs in the West, which all pale into insignificance when we look at the lot of women in Islamic countries.

To that end a private film (The Honour Diaries) which has been screened at the UN human rights council and is currently doing the rounds at collages in the US which highlights the hardships women face according to the tenets  of....Mohammed has been castigated as being 'Islamophobic' and as such ,should be banned by those so called purveyors of peace  'The Council on American-Islamic Relations ' if you have the time watch the bareheaded public spokeswoman for CAIR get ripped a new one by Fox TVs Megan Kelly.

CAIR? What a joke.