Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Muslim couple in court claim they were victimised by Supermarket chain after they were refused holiday during Ramadan

(Teesside) Islamic couple Donna Tunkara and husband Yassinn have decided to take their former employers (Morrison's supermarket) to court , because in their own words they were victimised at work due to their religious beliefs after being refused holidays during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

It transpires that last year Mr and Mrs Tunkara didn't get the last 2 weeks off during Ramadan, because and I quote 'because' they didn't put their leave chits in time and thus unlike others who put in for their holidays on the dates they wanted, they didn't. This however didn't stop the pair of them working during the first few weeks of Ramadan, however the stress of working during Ramadan got to Mrs Tunkara and she apparently suffered a breakdown. In court the defence lawyer for the Supermarket questioned the veracity of Mrs T coming out with:

Called Mrs Tunkara a 'liar' during cross examination and said that she had not got the holidays she asked for because she missed a deadline - meaning all holiday time was already taken.He said: 'You have not got exactly what you wanted and acted like a spoiled brat, and you have taken the easy way out to play the discrimination and race card, haven't you? It is unfair.'He also asked her why, after working during the first weeks of Ramadan in July and August, did she only suffer problems while working shifts during the period she had asked to have off.
The case continues.