Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kenyan terrorist Mr (Not so) big shot dead.

(Kenya) Islamic Terrorist recruiter and leftwing media darling Abubakar Shariff Ahmed was shot dead near Shimo la Tewa prison in Mombasa today.

After the attacks on the Westgate shopping mall last September, Mr  Ahmed was courted by the likes of the bBC in which to explain why this murderous attack had taken place by people he not only supported, but most likely recruited . Anyway in his bBC article he comes out with this salient snippet:
He himself believes the Kenyan police will one day try to kill him. So he is careful about his security.
Funny enough a couple of bombs went off in Kenya yesterday killing 6 people. This comes a week after blasts at a Church in Mombasa killed 6 people. Well It appears that somebody had ,had enough of this Islamic terrorist walking the streets of the country he hates and decided to do to him what he has been doing to his so called fellow countrymen. Naturally on hearing the news that this relgious bigot had been shot dead, the peaceful Muslims of Mombasa have started rioting. What's new?