Thursday, April 3, 2014

Radical Islamic preacher goes on the run in Lebanon.

(Beirut) Omar Bakri Mohammad is a nasty piece of work, born in Syria, he left when his activities brought him to the attention of the Syrian  police  and relocated to Lebanon in 1977. After a few years in Lebanon he moved to Egypt in which to study, but before he could earn his degree, he left for Saudi Arabia, because he upset the Egyptians with his bigoted behaviour In 1986 after he offended the Saudi Arabians with his bigoted behaviour he moved to the UK and sought asylum and there he too offended the British, however unlike the Islamic countries the UK has signed up to the EU bill of human rights and unable to deport this arsehole, the British had to put up with his rabble rousing ways until days after the 2005 London bombings which murdered 52 innocent people. Bakri did a runner to.....Lebanon because he feared getting picked up by the police. Once there he claimed he hated the Uk, that the Uk was now open to attack and that he would never return,

In 2006, Hezballah invaded Israel and with the gloves off, Israel kicked Lebanon back into the stone age. Nations concerned about their citizens sent planes and ships in which to evacuate their citizens and the British sent HMS Illustrious and a few other Royal navy ships and while docked in Beirut, Bakri tried to board claiming his right as a British citizen. Unfortunately for him, the British Government had had enough of this terrorist supporting trouble maker and they barred him. He in turn was straight on the phone to the bBC and pleaded his case and I quote:

"I am not appealing now against the decision to give me the right to stay in Britain. I am not appealing for that.I am appealing on behalf of my children who are worried and they want to see their own father. Do you want my little sons or my little family to come now to Lebanon? I don't think you want that." 
His cry for help didn't wash and Bakri remained in Lebanon.However while the Government was happy to bar him , they made it very plain no charges were to be levied against his family who continued to live on benefits

Bakri then went off the  grid for a while There was news that he had been arrested and sentenced to life in prison, but nothing came about from that until this week when Bakri had to leave home in a hurry as the police in Lebanon have had enough of his rabble rousing and have orders to arrest him. Of course as per usual he has spoken to the bBC where he is allowed to proclaim his innocence (yet again)
 "Mr Bakri dismissed the authorities' claims as "unjust".
and according to the same bBC his wife  told local media that she did not know where he was. Now if she as I presume now living in Lebanon, can I ask the question has the British Government stopped paying her benefits?

Isn't it strange that a hateful relgious agitator who has been kicked out of: Syria ,Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UK and now Lebanon is given so much time and space at the bBC. Here is how the latest bBC article describes this evil,evil man:
Our correspondent says he was one of the best-known radical Islamist preachers in London for years.
and with so called victims such as him,we wonder why people are flocking to the far right in the UK.