Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What a suprise: Families of Islamic terrorists caught out... lying

(London) On the 14th of May 2004 a British army patrol was ambushed by Iraqi insurgents near Majar Al Kabir, a town in Southern Iraq. They in turn called for reinforcements and these too were ambushed. Heavily outnumbered and on ground not of their picking, the British soldiers decided to take the fight to the enemy. So, fixing bayonets, they advanced into contact and killed 28 terrorists, as well as taking a large number prisoners. The incident was known as the 'The battle of Danny Boy' and was forgotten about until the traitorous bBC decided to knock out a program which rewrote the incident as a war crime of British making. Ambulance chasing lawyers, seeing a chance in which to make a killing, took the British Ministry of Defence to court, and 10 years later at a cost of over £22 million, the court case collapsed when the so called human rights lawyers threw in the towel and finally admitted they had no evidence that British troops abused any Iraqi terrorists.

Today, the British government issued a statement condemning the families of the terrorists killed, stating that they lied simply for financial gain. If I had my way, I would bill the so called human right crowd (and the bBC) for £22 million.

However, as this is about the Islamic terrorist fawning bBC, they ended their coverage on this finding with this little snippet:
Patrick O'Connor QC described them as: "Gross violations of the Geneva Conventions, inhuman and degrading treatment of wounded, broken and helpless young men, who were utterly at the mercy of their military handlers and interrogators."

The MoD has admitted that one detainee was grabbed and shaken, and that another may have been slapped. It also concedes that the detainees should have been given a proper meal when they were first captured.
My heart bleeds.