Tuesday, April 1, 2014

British Government orders investigation in Muslim Brotherhood members based in UK

(London) The British PM 'David Cameron' has ordered Whitehall to launch an investigation into the (banned in Egypt) Muslim Brotherhood – drawing on assessments by MI5 and MI6.

"We want to challenge the extremist narrative that some Islamist organisations have put out,what I think is important about the Muslim Brotherhood is that we understand what this organisation is, what it stands for, what its beliefs are in terms of the path of extremism and violent extremism, what its connections are with other groups, what its presence is here in the United Kingdom. Our policies should be informed by a complete picture of that knowledge,"
It appears that the review has been launched due to pressure from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which claim that newly relocated Muslim Brotherhood members are using London as a crucial centre for its activities, since the clampdown by the Egyptian Military.