Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Russia attack aircraft makes flyby near US Warship for over 90 mins

(Black Sea) Oh how the world and his dog has noticed how the Commander in Chief has emasculated the US military. Responding to the crisis in the Ukraine, the Oval office sent the USS Donald Cook into the Black sea in which to try and intimidate the Russians that Obama means business.

Well one Arleigh Burke-class destroyer in the Russians front garden must have really terrified them and so today it transpired that while sailing in International waters , the Russians decided to send up a couple of Su 24 attack aircraft of which one spent 90 minutes buzzing the USS Donald Cook, while the other kept its distance.

I can only presume that the Russians wanted to tweak the tail of the paper tiger that the US has become and if by chance a jet just happened to have been shot out of the sky, the USS Donald Cook would now be at the bottom of the sea and Obama would be apologising to the Russians for offending them.

Funny enough the Russians test fired an ICBM today, sending the message that they can issue much more salient threats than the West.