Friday, November 8, 2013

Why do we accept what Muslims tell us as the truth?

(Manchester) How many times have you heard some idiot say that Muslims can't do this, that or the other because it is against their faith and because they are talking about Islam they are allowed to get off scot free?

For example, did you hear about the chef who tried to sue the (London) Met Police because he was forced to fry bacon, which was against his faith? He took 6 months off on stress leave before he signed his lawyers up. Problem is, it came out in the wash that he (the chef) liked nothing more than to sit down with a cup of tea and... a bacon sandwich, and he lost the case.

It's the same with this POV that all Muslims are uber pious and that they cannot go near alcohol. Funny enough, each and every Islamic grooming gang in the UK has been found to have piled their victims with... alcohol. Which brings me to 29-year-old drunk driver Mohammed Yasin, who crashed into a bus shelter while under the influence with his 4-year-old son in the back. In court, his defence claimed:
“Yasin was curious what alcohol tasted like because of his culture. He purchased half a bottle of vodka and mixed it with coke – and his son was present when he bought it.”
So let me get this straight: this man wanted to know what vodka tasted like and not only bought a bottle while out driving but bought some coke in which to flavour it with. Please. Even a blind man wearing sunglasses in a darkroom at midnight could tell you this man is lying out of his arse. For his so called lapse in judgement, Mohammed was sentenced to 12 weeks’ jail, suspended for a year and banned for two years. He was also ordered to attend a drivers’ impaired by alcohol programme, along with £85 costs and £80 surcharge. Anybody else would have had the book thrown at them, but when it's a Muslim, well, we all know that they cannot lie. The thing is, this isn't the first time drunk Muslims have got it lightly while being intoxicated. Take for example when 4 drunk Somali Muslim women attacked a white girl in the centre of Leicester and during the attack were screaming "Kill the white bitch!" All 4 walked free from court because their defence claimed
"[t]hat as Muslims, the women were not used to being drunk."
When will people wake up to the fact that for all their so called pious religious demeanour, Muslims have all the vices the rest of us have? If anything, more.