Friday, November 22, 2013

Azerbaijan arrest an Iranian on suspicion of planning attack on Israeli embassy

Hassan Faraji
(Israel Hayom) Azerbaijani security forces arrested an Iranian national earlier in the month on suspicion he was planning to carry out a terrorist attack on the Israeli Embassy in the capital, Baku.

According to the reports, Hassan Faraji, 31, moved into the neighborhood near the Israeli embassy last October and prompted the suspicions of local security forces. When local police approached him and tried to arrest him, Faraji resisted and an altercation ensued.

Faraji was subdued and taken to police custody and to court, where his remand was extended by 30 days. A search of his apartment revealed numerous notes and photographs, leading investigators to believe he was planning to carry out attacks against Israeli targets.

Iranian media outlets reported that Faraji was tortured and that Azerbaijani security forces "put cigarettes out on him to extract a confession that would be favorable to the Zionist regime."

An Iranian official said that the Iranian Embassy in Azerbaijan demanded to see the Faraji, but that their request was denied in violation of international law.

The Azerbaijani Interior Ministry released a statement denying the Iranian claims of torture. "The Interior Ministry has learned that Hassan Faraji is pleased with his conditions of detention. He has no complaints about the workers of the facility. Faraji confirmed that he was not subject to torture and no one has insulted his honor and dignity."

Azerbaijan Interior Ministry spokesperson Sadiq Gozalov said.

Gozalov added that Faraji will be allowed to see his family and meet with his lawyer, but that such a request has yet to be made.