Sunday, November 3, 2013

Islamic terrorist plans to have his conviction overturned on human rights grounds.

(London) When was the last time you flew? Did you have to take off your shoes, belt, undergo a search and then leave behind any liquids, pen knife or a Gerber tool as it wasn't allowed on the plane.  Well if you have you can thank al-Qaeda terrorist Abdulla Ahmed Ali ,who in 2006 came up with a plan to down a large number of aircraft crossing the Atlantic with homemade (but deadly) bombs disguised inside softdrink bottles. Anyway, he and his merry band of terrorists (Sorry did I say merry, I meant miserable) received a hefty prison sentence for their predilection to murder for Allah, Afterwards, we all went back to a normal way of life except of course if you were flying somewhere, where the above restrictions still take place.

Well,that was 6 years ago. It now transpires that Human rights lawyers in the Uk keen to milk a load of money out of the British Legal Aid budget (£2 billion a year) have hit on the idea that actually their client ( al-Qaeda terrorist Abdulla Ahmed Ali) received a bum deal in the courts and that actually Alis human rights were infringed by publicity due to his martyrdom video which they claim unfairly influenced the jury before he was convicted for life for conspiracy to murder - and have appealed to the European Court of Human Rights in which to allow him to receive his get out of jail card.

Meanwhile in London, Human rights lawyers held a protest over the British Governments attempt to curtail the abuse of the legal aid system which  costs the British Tax payer so much in which to defend those who want to ....Kill them.

 You couldn't make this up if you tried..could you..