Monday, November 4, 2013

Saudi Arabia kicks out over 1 million illegal immigrants

(Jeddah) In an attempt to clean up their country, the authorities in Saudi Arabia issued an ultimatum to its illegal immigrants: leave or face the consequences. Which is why up to 1 million illegal Bangladeshi, Indian, Filipino, Nepali, Pakistani and Yemeni immigrants have upped sticks and left for pastures new.

In Jeddah, 3,000 Indonesian illegal workers are in detention, awaiting deportation. It appears that when you really do want to clean your country up, you have to act hard.

Meanwhile in the UK, a recent anti-illegal immigrant campaign which costs £10,000, saw 60 people leave, and while the British Government sees that as a success, the left and their ilk claim it is racist. Funny enough, nobody on the left wishes to discuss how Saudi Arabia goes about doing the job.

Expect to see a large number of those 1 million illegals turning up in the UK.