Monday, November 4, 2013

How the bBC has become Islam's bitch

(London) For those of you who come here often, you will know that I have no love for the bBC over its pro-Islamic terrorist stance. Some of you may think I am being petty and that I am wrong.

Well, here is a letter published on the Muslim Council of Britain's (MCB) website where they complain about the use of the term 'Islamic terrorists' in regards to... Islamic terrorists. The letter gives a party political broadcast about how the MCB sees things in Kashmir, that the people of Kashmir wish to belong to Pakistan and that India is a nasty, nasty country for not handing over a part of it to anybody who demands it, and that, as per usual, the only people who are victims are... Muslims.

But what is worse is the weasel response by the head of editorial policy at the bBC. Sorry, did I say weasel? I meant spineless.