Monday, November 11, 2013

Islamic convert arrested after trying to murder non-Muslims on the streets of London

(England) Police were called to an incident in Battersea, South London, around midday yesterday when it was reported that a knifeman, armed with four blades, was trying to smash his way into a fire station.

It transpires firemen confronted the 26-year-old after seeing him throwing bottles at neighbours and threatening passers-by with kitchen knives. But he went berserk and chased the firemen back to the station where he attempted to batter down the doors.

Within minutes more than 20 police officers had arrived at the scene, blocking off the road as the man sprinted up and down smashing police car windows and screaming that he wanted to 'kill Kuffars' (derogatory term for non-Muslims).

Well, after getting zapped by a couple of Tasers, the man was arrested on charges of attempting to murder a policeman.

Funny enough, Battersea is around 5 miles away from where 2 Muslims beheaded a British soldier earlier on this year.