Monday, November 4, 2013

Is there anything Muslims won't complain about?

(Texas) In the US, a billboard has got tongues wagging about the picture it depicts:

I am more than happy to debate any subject and I am man enough to know when I am wrong. However, a picture which shows an American soldier holding onto (I presume) his wife who happens to be covered up is exactly the message I want to see. The thing is, while the left love to promote this view that the American and British military can only be racist, the fact remains in the forces - you are judged not by the colour of your skin but by how good you are at the job. Also, and a big also, as the military serve all around the world, they fall in love with and marry people from other lands. I myself have met Americans, Canadians, Dutch, Filipinos, Germans and even Indians married to British servicemen. I expect the same for the Americans. That at a stroke dispels the racist tag that idiots try to tag onto our servicemen. (The fact that I come from an Indian bloodline really bamboozles them.)

So why wasn't I surprised to see this article in The Guardian today from a Muslim woman living in the States stating that the above billboard is... racist?
SnoreStop's 'be together' billboard campaign is racist and repugnant
The ad placing a covered Muslim woman with a US soldier perpetuates stereotypes. As an Iraqi, it's horribly offensive
It seems that Aseel Machi, a recent graduate of Michigan State University now living in Texas, took umbridge at the above poster. I quote from her article:
To many, seeing a US soldier and a Muslim woman who is almost completely covered as a happily married couple is odd and unfathomable....SnoreStop did not stop at profiling and stereotyping what a Muslim woman looks like, they placed her in the arms of a US solider. As an Iraqi, when I see a man dressed in camouflage and matching hat with a Muslim woman in his arms, I think of the atrocities committed against not only men, but women and children, during the brutal years of "democracy and liberation" that ravaged my country on the whims of US and international armed forces. Women and girls – some as young as 15 – reportedly raped by soldiers between 2003 and 2004 may have something else to say about this billboard. To place a Muslim woman, who does not even represent the mainstream image of a Muslim in America, in the hands of a man who represents an institution responsible for the terror and agony of many Muslims in the world (not only in Iraq) is not simply insensitive, but disturbing.
Really? And she knows this how? What I find interesting is that this ungrateful bitch left Iraq in 1991 because Saddam was out to kill her Shia family, and they arrived in the US in 1994 after Sunni Saudi Arabia didn't want to know. Yet like the Muslim she is, instead of vetting her anger at the people who tried to kill her family, she bitches at the the people who took her in, and, as only a Muslim can, she bites the hand that feeds her. This she eloquently does by saying:
I am against the stereotyping of Muslim women and what the US military represents to Muslims: a violent institution that does not seek the freedom of Muslim countries or the security of the United States.
The thing is, Saddam has more Islamic blood on his hands than any recent Islamic dictator. More Muslims have been killed in Iraq by Muslims than any other religious cause. (1,057 Iraqis were killed and 2,326 wounded this July.) And yet this silly little split-arse living in the US takes umbrage at a poster which shows a US Soldier and an Islamic woman. The thing is, the only racist I can see is Machi for objecting over a poster which shows a white man with an Islamic woman. I wonder if she would be happy if the man in uniform was a Muslim. But surely, that is racism, and the daft point, the pathetic left in the West will support her case.

If you want to send her a message, click on her name above, it will take you to her Michigan State University e-mail address, of which she is still president of the Muslim Students Association. She is the perfect example why people don't trust Muslims as long as they are breathing. They bitch if you do, they bitch if you don't.