Monday, November 11, 2013

British police arrest journalist for handing out photos of on the run terrorist

(London) With egg still covering their faces from how an Islamic terrorist gave them the slip by dressing up as a woman, the police haven't done their public image any good by arresting a reporter who was handing out photos and a reward for information regarding said terrorist outside the radical mosque where he did a runner. It seems that the nice, peaceful followers of Islam who hang out at the mosque where "Kill the kaffa!" is a regular affirmation, objected to a reporter asking questions and called the Old Bill. They, in turn, faster than you can utter "Allah Ackba" nicked the reporter and his photographer and took them to Acton police station on suspicion of “racially aggravated public disorder” where they were quizzed under caution by detectives for four hours before being released.

Got to love the British police, what with their penchant for murdering innocent people, openly lying and their inability to catch criminals.