Sunday, November 3, 2013

Left up in arms over the death (from above) of Taliban leader in Pakistan

(Pakistan)  On Friday Leader of Pakistan Taliban terrorists Hakimullah Mehsud: was sent to a far hotter place when the vehicle he was travelling in came to a sudden stop due to the impact at the speed of sound of a couple of Guided missiles. The bBC which was devoted to this terrorist has been running non stop on how his death was a crime against humanity, how he was about to usher in a time of peace and how the Americans always scupper any chance for peace when it comes to....Terrorists. (Read the above bBC link to see what I mean, talk about overkill)

Currently the bBC are running with the same angle I quote:

"Friday's strike on Mehsud was "not just the killing of one person, it's the death of all peace efforts."
The thing is Mehsud belonged to the factions which were opposed to peace, yes he wanted it, but he did so on his own terms, terms which would have seen harsh Sharia law (Which would make Saudi Arabia look like Tellytubby land) enforced across the land. But that's just it about when you deal with Islamic terrorists, they never abide by any peace accord (look up Hudna) and once they feel strong enough they will slit your throat while you sleep, ask the jew, hell ask Fatah over how they were railroaded by Hamas in 2007 by their so called partners in peace. Yet with all the evidence in front of them, idiots, yes idiots feel that with the demise of another Terrorist, the chance for peace with the Taliban has gone the way of the dodo. Yeah right.