Monday, November 4, 2013

Islamic terrorist gives British police the slip, by donning one

(UK) In the UK, a terrorist has gone on the run. The British police, while stating that they feel that while Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed does not poses a direct threat to people, he should not be approached. So what's the story behind this man?

After Labour's failed experiment in opening the doors of UK PLC, in which to allow everybody and anybody to come to the UK and get paid to do so, they found to their horror that a large number of these new British citizens were terrorists. Oh, how they had no problem perching to the left that according to the Koran they were forbidden from attacking the UK. It didn't take long for that statement to be turned on its head. The Labour government then started locking these people up, whom they couldn't deport (because of their human rights) or charge, in which to keep them off the streets. However, as always, dickless human rights activists complained that locking these people up was against their human rights, and so this government brought out a watered down regime which basically allows terrorists to go about strutting their stuff, in which to get the civil liberties crowd off their backs.

So this brings me back to Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed. It transpires that he has received terrorist training in Somalia, fought on the front line in support of al-Shabab, that he supports a UK-based network supporting terrorist-related activity in Somalia, and had been involved in attack planning against Western interests in east Africa. So instead of ripping up this religious terrorist's British passport and deporting him to Somalia (it's against his human rights), we spend millions having him and his ilk followed and then act all surprised when he slips his MI stupid followers by covering up as a woman. (The same idiots who stopped the British locking up terrorists also claim that wearing the burka is a human right.)

Tell you what, human rights no longer protects the weak in the UK, it defends those who want to kill you for being a non-Muslim.