Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Israeli minister hints at Israeli military action against Iran in CNN interview

(WJD) Jewish Home party chief Naftali Bennett broadsided anti-Israel journalist Christiane Amanpour in a CNN interview Monday night, warning that an inadequate agreement with Iran will lead to war.

Hitting Amanpour, who has long despised Israel, right where it hurts, Bennett was defiant and unapologetic about Israel's policies.

"There’s no one who wants a war less than us," he said. "However, it’s one of those cases where a bad deal will lead to a war, and a good deal with actually prevent war."

While Bennett did not specifically mention Israeli military action, Prime Minister Netanyahu has pledged that Israel will not be bound by any deal that does not completely end and dismantle Iran's nuclear infrastructure.

In addition, Netanyahu has said that Israel will never allow Iran to have nuclear capability, even if these military action will have to be taken.