Monday, August 12, 2013

UNRWA Dean Finds Inspiration in Hitler

(FPM) The UNRWA is a UN agency dedicated solely to the perpetual Palestinian refugees. It has a 900 million dollar budget and America is its single biggest donor.

In June, Obama decided to kick in an extra $123 million to the UNRWA bringing the total contribution for 2013 to $244.5 million. And 2013 isn’t over yet.

So what kind of things does all that money help pay for? Education. Like this kind of education.
Dr. Fares Haider is the Dean of Student Affairs for UNRWA in Jordan. Here is a poster he placed on his personal Facebook page:

The text says “‘The two most important rules in order to be successful – the first: never give up. The second: remember the first rule’. Adolph Hitler”

He captioned it “Military rules for success … good morning all.”
If you’re a bunch of terrorists who became homeless after trying and failing to wipe out the Jewish people… do you really want to take advice on not giving up from Adolf Hitler, the guy whose refusal to give up killing people led to a crushing defeat?

Also didn’t Hitler kill himself? Isn’t that the definition of giving up?