Monday, August 19, 2013

Terrorist Vs. Terrorist: Hezbollah Chief Vows to Continue Fighting in Syria

I'll bet al-Qaeda would like to see Nasrallah's heart on its menu.
( – Hezbollah’s intervention in the Syrian civil war has made it a target of the type of terrorism for which it is itself notorious, but the Lebanese Shi’ite group’s leader is vowing it will not be deterred in its support for Bashar Assad’s regime.

If necessary, Hassan Nasrallah said he would himself go to Syria, along with “all Hezbollah,” to join the battle against Sunni Islamist rebels fighting to topple Assad.

One of the more striking features of the Syrian conflict is the involvement of the world’s leading Shi’ite terrorist group on the side of the regime, arrayed against fighters associated with the world’s most prominent Sunni terrorist network, al-Qaeda, on the rebel side.

Sunni radicals warned Hezbollah earlier that its deployment of fighters alongside Assad’s forces in Syria would carry a price, and a car bombing in Hezbollah’s southern Beirut stronghold on Thursday, which killed at least 21 people, was widely viewed in that light.

(That did not stop some Lebanese politicians, including U.S.-backed President Michel Sleiman, from pointing a finger at Israel.)

In a video clip posted online a Sunni Islamist group calling itself the Brigades of Aisha claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying it was a “second powerful message” because Hezbollah has not yet “understood,” and promising that more would follow. Another car bombing in a nearby area of Beirut six weeks ago injured dozens of people.