Monday, August 12, 2013

CIA Says Syria Is No. 1 Threat. What's Obama's Plan?

Plan? We don't need no stinkin' plan.
(Bloomberg) The Central Intelligence Agency's number two, Michael Morrell, ranked Syria -- not Iran's nuclear program, al-Qaeda or China -- as the top current threat to U.S. national security in an interview with the Wall Street Journal as he retired from office on Friday. What he didn't say was that President Barack Obama has failed to deal with it.

Morrell is right to rank Syria so high, even though other security threats are bigger long-term issues for the U.S. to confront. The breaking of Syria into a failed state, and its concomitant sucking-in and spewing-back out of radical jihadis from around the region, is happening fast. This is opening new, potentially bad situations by the month.

Morrell's assessment came without comment on U.S. policy, but it supports my own view that Obama's handling of the conflict in Syria will be seen as his largest foreign policy failure, made in part as an overreaction to his predecessor's monumental error in invading Iraq.