Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eygptian military strike takes out 4 terrorists on the Egyptian/Israeli border. Terrorists points finger at IDF.

(Egypt) Yesterday, a bunch of jihadists in Egypt decided to see off Ramadan by lobbing a few rockets into Israel. For the past year, these idiots have felt secure in the knowledge that the Muslim Brotherhood government would look the other way to their explosive ways. Unfortunately for Allah's little terrorists, the MB are no longer in power, and while they were setting up their base plate, a kinetic strike from above sent 5 of them to meet their maker. The strange thing is, minutes after the strike, an Egyptian military helicopter flew over the site. In a further development, the Egyptian military said that today they they and not the IDF carried out the strike.

Whoever carried out the strike, today Islamic terrorist group Ansar Jerusalem released a statement that 4 of its members have become pavement pizza. As they buried what was left of them out in the open, this funeral procession was joined by hundreds of armed terrorists. The Egyptian security forces said the nature of the attack made it difficult to stop the procession, out for fear of inflaming an already volatile situation. They also said checkpoints in the area were manned by just a handful of personnel ill-equipped to take on such a large group, which also included a number of locals.

In its statement, Ansar Jerusalem denounced the Egyptian military for having allowed the Israeli attack.
“What is greater treason than the Egyptian army allowing the Zionist drones to violate Egyptian airspace now and then?” 
I wonder if Ansar Jerusalem subscribe to the notion that Muslims are forbidden to kill other Muslims.