Saturday, August 10, 2013

Eid celebrations in Jammu and Kashmir: 20,000 armed Muslims attack Hindus, burn their shops and homes

Islam - the religion of peace.
New Delhi, August 9, 2013 After today’s Eid Namaz (Islamic prayers) an armed mob of 20,000 Muslims marched through Hindus areas uttering pro-Pakistani statements, that they wanted to cede from India and that their god was great.. The mob attacked & burnt shops housed owned by Hindus. Many Hindus were severely injured & with many in a critical condition. Predominately, many of the injured are Hindu youth with Gunshot wounds to their arms & abdomen.  When the  police did arrive they were of little or no use. In the afternoon the local Govt then sent in the army. However with no orders to shoot at rioters. The mob secure in that knowledge continued with their rampage.However Indian troops have now fired warning shots to enforce a curfew in the Kashmiri town of Kishtwar.