Sunday, August 18, 2013

Saudi Prince Explains Defection from Royal Family to Opposition: Injustice Endemic in Saudi Arabia

Interviewer: You explained your defection from the Saudi royal family, saying that you did not want to be responsible for the mismanagement of the country, which harms the interests of the people. What exactly did you mean?


Prince Khaled bin Farhan Aal Saud: I was referring to the monopolization of power, resources, and wealth by the small minority of the ruling family, in the service of their own personal interests, with complete disregard of the interests of the public.

They are not even willing to listen to the legitimate demands of the people, who are human beings just like citizens of other countries. The demands include the public's participation in political life and instating a constitution that stems from Islamic shari'a, which would define the powers of the executive, judiciary, and legislative authorities, so that they act without contradicting one another.

Such a constitution should uphold the honor of the Saudi citizen, as well as his liberties and human rights.


In all honesty, injustice is endemic in Saudi Arabia. There is no freedom of expression, no freedom of speech.