Friday, August 16, 2013

So what's the story in Egypt?

(Cairo) These past few days, the Egyptian Army has done to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) what they have been doing to normal Egyptians since they formed, that is removing them from this plane of existence.

Ironically, when they were in the shadows (Shades of Babylon 5), the MB promised the earth to the peoples of Egypt, they also said they would eradicate all the Jews and that their faith in Allah would see full employment returned to the country.

Once in power, the MB ruined the tourism industry by insisting that Islamic morals must take precedent (and the likes of the bBC promoted this as a good thing). They started questioning the Industry parks where Israeli money and Egyptian people produced goods which were exported to the US without incurring any taxes. They rewrote the constitution in which to give absolute power to the MB. They encouraged attacks on minorities (like what is currently happening to Coptic Christians), and they gave terrorists the green light to strut their stuff against Israel, until their radical bedfellows murdered 16 Egyptian soldiers during Ramadan. But when the MB reacted, they did so by blaming... Israel for the attack. On top of all of this, that old staple of pious religious people the world over. Nepotism reared its ugly head inside the country when Morsi appointed Abdel Mohamed al-Khayat as the new governor of Luxor. The thing is, Al-Khayat was a founding member of the terrorist group Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya which in 1997 carried out a terrorist attack in the very same Luxor, murdering 62 people. As you can guess, that appointment didn't go down well with the locals.

So, with the MB acting a lot worse than the regime they replaced, resulting in millions on the streets protesting against Allah's so called chosen leaders, the army said enough was enough and put the MB quest for absolute power to an end.

Amazingly, the MB started talking about democracy. Yes, the party which only months before had declared that anything they say or did could not be questioned (or even changed back again) was taking about freedom of speech. But the MB knows that on the ground they have no chance when it comes to taking on the armed forces. What they need is to shift the political spectrum back in their favour, and so they encouraged the storming of their so called peace camps in which to try and turn public and world opinion back in their favour. Just like the storming of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010, where video evidence shows that the deaths was promoted in which to demonize Israel, evidence has surfaced that the MB have done likewise in Egypt. Here is what the Muslim Brotherhood appointed ambassador to the US (Mohamed M. Tawfik) had to say when he spoke out against his fellow party members:
"Most people don't realize that most casualties did not take place where they had the two sit-ins, but when Muslim Brotherhood attacked citizens, government buildings, churches. This general aggressive behaviour led to a very large number of casualties."
So, in a nutshell, the Islamic religious bigots, who acted like the pigs in Animal Farm, have started playing the victim card in which to try and get back into power. And the liberals are lapping it up.