Friday, August 16, 2013

“Million Muslim March” organiser Rabbi Alam gets ripped a new one on daytime TV

(US) Have you noticed the one thing that all Muslims around the world subscribe to is this point of view that no matter what their fellow religious cohorts do: oppress others, murder others, abuse others? It is according to their own warped mindset that they who are the only victims and not the actual people who are on the receiving end of their abuse, and boy are they bloody good at forcing that POV down our throats.

And so it is in America where next month on the day after 9/11 Muslims are pushing for a million man march down in Washington in which to highlight their victim status. Can you imagine the outcry if an anti-Islamic group did likewise during Ramadan? Why, there would be hell to pay.

Yet Muslims the world (never mind the US) over have no problem offending anybody and everybody. Why, on the streets of Europe simply being a Jew is enough to offend liberals, never mind their ideological and theological masters. Oh look, there’s that ‘H’ word again.

Anyway, the single braincell behind this latest attempt in which to promote Islam as a religion of peace decided to go on TV in which to explain his actions… Big mistake.