Saturday, August 31, 2013

Iran: If Syria Is Attacked, It Will Strike U.S., Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, As Well As E.U. Interests; Israel Will Be Destroyed

Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei: An Attack On Syria Will Be A Disaster For The Region

On August 28, 2013, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said that a U.S. attack on Syria would be a "disaster for the region," adding that with such an attack, the U.S. would not only set the entire region on fire but would itself be harmed: "Intervention and warmongering [in Syria] will no doubt harm those who fan the flames. If this intervention happens, the Americans will no doubt be harmed, as they were harmed in Iraq and Afghanistan. An intervention in [Syria] by powers from outside the region will only ignite the flames [of war] and increase the nations' hatred towards [these powers]. Such warmongering is like a spark in a gunpowder depot, and its dimensions and consequences cannot be estimated."

IRGC Commander Jafari: Syria Will Be A Second Vietnam For The U.S.; Israel Will Be Destroyed

In an August 28, 2013 interview with the Tasnim website, Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Commander Mohammad Ali Jafari threatened: "The Americans have had much bitter experience in Afghanistan and Iraq. If they carry out a military attack on Syria, the chain of their defeat will be complete, and they will experience their most shameful historic defeat of all; in addition, Syria will become a slaughterhouse and a war arena much more dangerous than Vietnam [ever was]. In fact, Syria will become a second Vietnam for the U.S.

"The Zionists must know that a U.S. military attack on Syria will not rescue [their] regime from the talons of the resistance, but will bring about the imminent destruction of Israel... Certain governments in the region and reactionary Arab regimes that support the military attack on Syria must know as well that the flames [sparked by] this warmongering will not be confined to Syria, but will spread to all those who ignited and supported the war [that will result from the attack]."