Sunday, August 18, 2013

PLO charges Israel with ‘war crimes, anti-human, racist acts’... for building new houses

(JPost) The PLO leadership on Sunday launched a scathing attack on Israel and threatened to go to international agencies to punish it for its “war crimes, anti-human racist acts and violations of international laws.”

The attack came during a meeting in Ramallah of the PLO Executive Committee under the chairmanship of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

The PLO leaders said they would not accept a situation where the peace talks with Israel, which resumed recently, would become a “political cover for the implementation of the largest settlement project.”

They accused the Israeli government of working toward undermining “all prospects for peace.”

I really don't understand why Israel did not, long ago, have a thorough legal brief done detailing all the war crimes and crimes against humanity the Plestinians are guilty of.

If they were smart, they would do it and have it go back as far as necessary... certainly to the Maalot school massacre and on through Abbas' funding of the Olympic massacre, as well as all the more recent suicide mass murders.