Thursday, August 29, 2019

Iran: Still playing silly buggers on the high seas with that Oil tanker

(Tehran) In July the UK pulled over an Iranian Oil Tanker -which for some very strange reason decided to take 90 days to sail around Africa in which to enter the Mediterranean Sea.- on charges of it had broken EU sanctions of taking Oil to Syria. Oh the Mullahs went up the wall and waylaid a few oil tankers in which to profess their innocence. The Brits from get go stated, furnish us with official paperwork that the ship isn’t heading to Syria and itcan go. The Mad Mullahs finally decided to hand over the paper after a couple of weeks of venting their spleens and the ship now sailing under the flag of Iran. (Panama  wanted nothing to do with the ship and deregistered it) went its merry way with a destination of Greece, however the ship sailed passed Greece, with a new destination of Turkey, on the 26th the Iranians stated they had sold the oil , but nobody knows who to and guess what, the ship then sailed past its destination in Turkey. Well today, its reversed it course and is currently sailing down the west coast of Cyprus (Ships location here) heading god knows where.

Haven’t a clue what the Mad mullahs are up, I can only hazard a guess, that they have managed to secrete a number of armed jihadists on board, and waiting for the Americans to try and take the ship if it heads in the general direction of Syria .