Friday, August 9, 2019

Eygpt: Finds out the true cost of buying Chinese weapons

(Cario)  As a child I wanted to purchase some cheap aftershave advertised on the telly.

My mum took me to oneside and pointed out that often buying cheap means buying twice. I was pointed in the direction of the proper stuff, which whilst more expensive, actually works out cheaper due to its better projection/silage/longevity.

It appears that the military in Eygpt should have taken my mums advice as well. It's come out in the wash that of  around 10 Chinese CH-4B drones (Chinese version of the Reaper drone)  only 1 is in working condition,
Saudi CH4 UAV
It might also explain why Jordan which also purchased around 12 of them has decided to sell them off. Algeria, managed to dodge that bullet when it evaluated the CH4, when after 2 of the trial vehicles crashed they closed their cheque book. Don't know how the Saudi Arabians feel after they handed over $10 billion for the chinese to build a factory in the country building them. No doubt they will get better, but that will take time

As my mum said:
Buying cheap means buying twice.