Sunday, August 18, 2019

Israel: The hate that Arab children are brainwashed with.

(Jerusalam)  So the liberal world is awash with fake anger over how the Israeli government banned two Islamic congresswomen who decideing not to visit the country with 72 other freshmen members of congress decided to go it alone in which to ensure that they would be banned in which to make themselves out to be victims of the Jewish state. This hatred was plain to see after Rashida Tlaib on being refused, then wrote a letter asking if she could be allowed to visit her frail 90 year old grandmother. yet when her wish was accepted, she refused. says it all.

That hatred of the jewish state is drummed into palestinian children (and now western children) from an early age.  So whislt the liberal and Islamic world vents its spleen over a situation of these two bigots own making. How many here heard about a knife attack carried out on Police (Yes Police)  by two little children. the other day. No, here it is on video: