Friday, August 2, 2019

UK: 5 Months after Soldier attacked on streets of London , politically correct MET police issue photo of assialent.

(London)  At around 0320hrs on the 31st of January this year in the middle of Londons Theatre district  , a British soldier in mess kit was viciously assulated .

Yesterday 5 months after the incident the politically correct British Metroploitan police force decided (yes decided) to issue the photo of the assilant in which to ask the public for help in identifying him.

As you can see the wanted man, looks like he subscribes to a certain demographic. which if the shoe was on the other foot, would have seen hours of reports by the media on how racist the Uk is, we would be regaled to tales of Islamopbia, the MET police themselves would have placed extra patrols outside certain places of whorship ,all of which would have transpired minutes after the assult. yet when the assilant isn't white, why it takes the Politically correct police 5 months to issue his photo.