Sunday, August 4, 2019

India: Tensions rise yet again between nuclear armed India and Pakistan

(Kashmir)  How many times have you heard somebody state that if Israel was to disappear overnight, then Islam wouldn’t have any reason to carry out acts of terrorism.  The left, liberals and the do-gooders sign up to such a warped mindset in which to excuse their anti-Semitism and yet none of them mention Kashmir.

When India was split 3 ways in 1947 (2 to form Islamic countries, 1 to form a Hindu one) The Hindu Maharaja of the  tiny state of Kashmir hadn’t made his mind up of where to leave his hat, Pakistan or India?

The Pakistani not known for their patience, sent in hordes of armed soldiers disguised as tribesmen in which to take Kashmir by force , however their attempts to take the state by force slowed down as they decided to rape, pillage and loot, allowing Maharaja Hari Singh to appeal to the Indians for help , resulting in the invasion being halted leaving Pakistan with half of Kashmir and the Indians the other half.  Any decent  person would say, you know what, lets leave it at that and work towards peace. In fact India did just that in 1972 when following on from defeating West Pakistan (in under 2 weeks and taking 93 thousand Pakistani soldiersprisoner) in its attempt to carry mass genocide in East Pakistan (between 1.5- 3 million people murdered) now known as Bangladesh. The Indians drew the border in Kashmir on the separation line between the two countries with the signing of the Simla Agreement between the two countries. Where India from a very strong position stated, let bygones be bygones. Problem here was they were dealing with Pakistan.

Since that signing, Pakistan has gone well out of its way to acquire the other half of Kashmir, which in 1972, they said they were happy to remain Indian. There in a few sentences lies the reason for the issue in Kashmir and the reason why Pakistan funds terrorism inside India in which to build a greater Pakistan. Why, becasue they can?

Between July and August , Hindus flock to the Amarnathshrine in their hundreds of thousands, Pakistan knowing this sends in idiots to murder death kill as many people as it can. Which is why since 2000 hundreds of pilgrims have been killed by Islamic religious bigots .Over the past 2 days, Indian security forces have foiled several  attempts by Pakistan's Border Action Team(BAT) to infiltrate into the country and cause havoc killing at least 14 Pakistani soldiers inside India in 2 of those attempt. Realising that in being so open with its troops, Pakistan is set on murder death kill on Hindu pilgrims . India has taken the decision to close the shrine  repatriate 300,000 pilgrims out of Kashmir and reinforce the area with 30,000 troops as a show of strength. Naturally the Pakistani’s aren’t happy and have opined to the world what victims they are over their failed attempts to invade another country.

We see the same in Israel and anywhere else muslims have a land issue with non-muslims. So much for a relgion of peace then.