Saturday, August 10, 2019

Morroco: Belgium school children carrying out volunteer work, forced to leave country due to death threats for wearing…shorts.

(Adar) Bouworde vzw is a Belgian youth organisation that sends nearly a 1000 young volunteers abroad every year, mostly for short-term work camps aiming to educate youngsters about poorness, solidarity and other social themes.

Which is why 40 school children from Belgium found themselves in the village of Adar helping build up the infrastructure.

Problem was pictures of the children wearing shorts as they worked upset  people who were over 300 miles away who protested that they should be beheaded for offending Islam. A member of Parliament demanded to know why European women were wearing beachwear whilst working. 

Due to the threats and the polarizing of the situation,  Bouworde vzw has decided to pull all its youth teams from the country. Police in Morroco have arrested the teacher who made the beheading statement on charges of incitement to terrorism