Sunday, August 4, 2019

Iran: Says it has taken another Oil tanker. thing is, it is anything but.

(Arabian Gulf)  So today whilst the US was looking in at itself over a couple of mass shootings. The Iranians decided to waylay another ship, the mad mullahs are claiming its a tanker, that was smuggling oil from iran to elsewhere but video from Iranin TV shows a different type of vessel completly  .

So if the tanker wasn't a tanker, (Actually its a small offshore supply ship with a 7 man crew)  then exactly just who are the mad mullahs sending a message to? My money is on Europe, in the hope that they side with Iran as the victim with the rewards of rich trade deals (looks at Germany and France) as their 5 peices of silver and isolate the US. Who knows maybe in the future the EUSSR will join ranks with iran, Russia and China in which to form a new world order.  Think I'm kidding the left across Europe aren't happy how the Uk is leaving the EU. Its appears the UK didn't get the memo that:
  • Denmark got in 1992 when they voted agains the EU (EU told them to vote again and this time they voted yes)
  • Ireland got it in 2001 when they voted no (EU told them to vote again and and then voted yes) 
  • That France and Holland got when they voted agaisnt the EU in 2005 (The EU simply ignored that vote)
  • Ireland got it again in 2008 when they voted no to the EU (EU told them to vote again and this time they voted yes)
By ignoring the results of binding votes, you can see that the EU sings off a similar song sheet as Moscow, Bejing and Tehran than it does Washington. Which explains their anger with London.