Monday, February 16, 2015

USAid groups in Gaza shut down in protest at Chapel Hill killings

(Gaza) Over the years I've become somewhat accustomed to the duplicity of the faithful. Which is why I wasn't surprised to hear about how USAid groups based in Gaza were closed down today in which to protest the media blackout regards the shooting dead of 3 Muslims in the US over a parking dispute.

Yes, after a weekend when 21 Christians were beheaded for Allah, when a bomb was detonated inside a Shia mosque in Pakistan, when an Islamic gunman went on the rampage in Denmark, the Muslims inside Gaza decided that they had to teach the nasty Americans who fund their military campaign against the Jews a lesson in the right to a free and liberal media by expressing their right to a freedom of expression.

However, as Gazans don't have any other form of income other than aid, this close down only lasted a couple of hours.

Now, has anybody ever seen a protest by Muslims against the idiots who kill in their name on a daily basis?