Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In the face of Islamic terrorism, Nigeria rearms

(Lagos) Nigeria, like many countries around with a sizeable Islamic population, faces an extant threat to its existence from the followers of Allah. For years, Nigerian government detractors have stated that Nigerian troops just didn't have the tools or the training to take on their Islamic agitators. Well, it appears that for the last year, the Nigerian government has been doing just that. Maybe that explains why Nigeria has slowly been gaining the upper hand against the followers of Mohammed the paedophilic warlord. So what has Nigeria been purchasing? Well, they have purchased 77 T-72s.

Sent hundreds of troops to Russia for special forces training and armed them with the latest Israeli Tavor weapon.

Bought a large number of BTR-4s.

Chinese UAVs.

Helicopter gunships.

And now Chad has joined in the fight. Expect a sob story soon from the bBC about how hard life is being an Islamic terrorist in Nigeria.