Friday, February 27, 2015

Boston Marathon Bomber Lawyers Complain Jury is Too White

Which is downright racist, as his lawyers are suggesting that blacks might be more sympathetic to terrorists blowing up whitey.
(FPM) If only they could get that all-Muslim jury they obviously have their hearts set on. Then their murdering client might have a shot.
Suggesting blacks, young and old people will be grievously underrepresented in favor of white, middle-aged faces when a jury is picked Tuesday, lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev filed papers this morning asking yet again that his trial be stopped from going forward next week and the 30-count indictment for which he faces death be dismissed.

With opening statements in the nearly 2-year-old case now just six days away, the accused Boston Marathon bomber’s defense team wants the jury wheel that led to the random selection of 1,373 possible jurors “reconstituted” and the process started all over again so the jury’s makeup fairly represents a cross-section of the state.

Among the attorneys’ contentions are that white prospective jurors summonsed in early January to fill out 27-page screening questionnaires were moved up in order “based on non-random factors such as arrival time,” and black and young jurors fell behind in the numerical assignment process.
Of course white people were also overrepresented among the victims of Dzhokar’s murderous killing spree in the name of Islam. It seems fitting that they should also be overrepresented on the jury that locks him up for life.