Monday, February 9, 2015

Muslims hold huge protest in London attacking freedom of speech

(England) Weeks after Islamic gunmen attacked and murdered 12 innocent people in Paris over a cartoon of their Paedophilic founder. Muslims in the UK descended in their thousands on London this past Sunday in which to bitch about the 'freedom of speech and expression' which is written into the DNA of most non-Islamic countries. (Funny enough the same FoS and FoE, which millions of Muslims from the third world come searching for when they leave their so called superior motherland)
Anyway on marching on mass down whitehall, they then decided to do as all Muslims do in the West by protesting their victim status regards their public image in the West. You'd think that anybody with such an image problem would have protested in their thousands against the idiots in their midst. Instead all we have heard is...."Why should we apologise for Islamic hate crimes"