Saturday, February 14, 2015

Follower of Mohammed attacks Danish Cafe hosting free speech debate, killing 1 wounding 3 others

(Copenhagen) In yet another example of the intolerance expressed towards anybody who discusses Islam and free speech, a gunman tonight attacked a cafe (Krudttonden) in the Danish captial which was hosting an event on free speech.

The event which was attended by the French Ambassador to Denmark and the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks (the Swedish artist who has faced death threats for caricaturing the the pedophillic founder of Islam, Muhammad), appears to have offended somebody from the religion of peace to tip up and empty around 200 rounds into the venue. However, after the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the authorities placed armed police outside and they returned fire, preventing a mass murder. Still, the gunman was able to get away, leaving 1 person dead and another 3 policemen injured. Danish Police have issued pictures of the gunman.

But was the attack an unexpected surprise? No.