Wednesday, February 25, 2015

3 times over the limit, Asif walks free from court after informing judge he has re-found his Muslim faith

(England) 40-year-old Asif Masood borrowed a friend’s car in Nottingham last November. The thing is, he also had a lot to drink. So, as you can guess, when he arrived at a roundabout, his judgement was kind of impaired. Which is why he ended up driving over it and hitting a fire hydrant. When the police arrived, he explained to them:
'I've crashed my car, I've had lots and lots to drink and I don't have a driving licence.'
He was breathalysed and produced a reading of 98 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath - the legal limit is 35.

But get this. Masood, who has nine previous convictions for 14 offences, walked free from court after magistrates heard he had re-found his faith and was now teetotal after quitting drink and drugs.

So much for Muslims not being allowed to go anywhere near alcohol, and so much for British justice.