Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Two more British police forces admit to asking news agents for names of customers who bought Charlie Hebdo

(England) The other day I wrote about how a British police force had demanded from news agents the names of people who had purchased the survivor issue of Charlie Hebdo, but when caught out, apologised and stated that they had removed those names from the national police database.

Well, what do you know, it transpires that 2 more police forces in the UK have admitted to taking the names of people who bought that issue of  Charlie Hebdo. Yup, it appears in politically correct Britain the authorities who have allowed Islamic hate mongers to strut their stuff for over 15 years, who not only remained silent on Islamic rape gangs but castigated those who brought the matter to the police, who can't prevent Islamic terrorists from leaving the Island whilst under observation, are more than happy to keep an eye on people who have committed the crime of... purchasing a legal (and within the law) magazine in the UK. Welcome to Londonistan.