Monday, February 16, 2015

Islamic rapist released from prison murders parents, then kills himself

(London) 30-year-old Moroccan Ashraf Amrani was released from prison after serving a 7-year sentence for rape (the fact he was jailed in 2010, is besides the point). It transpires that on his release, he set up shop with his parents who, as devout Muslims, weren't happy having a rapist living under their roof. Last week, police were called to an altercation at the family home but didn't enter the home after Ashraf barred them from entering. That was Thursday. On Friday, police were called to the area again after a dead body was found on the roof of a nearby home. On recognising Ashraf, they proceeded to his parents' flat in which to inform them, only to find that 59-year-old Zohra and her husband, 72-year-old Hassan Amrani, were murdered.

I wonder if the police had done their job correctly the day before would these 2 people be still alive.