Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Left-wing British council found guilty of covering up Islamic rape gangs

(Rotherham) Last year, a damning report into the city of Rotherham revealed that over a 13-year period (funny enough, when a left-wing government was in power), over 1400 young girls were abused by paedophilic gangs, all of whom were of Pakistani heritage. At the time, the council members refused to accept that report and demanded another investigation in which to clear their name over allegations that they covered up the abuse.

In reply, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, announced that an independent investigation would be held into whether Rotherham Council covered up information about the abuse. The investigation would be led by Louise Casey, Director-General of the government's Troubled Families programme, and would examine the council's governance, services for children and young people, and taxi and private hire licensing.

Well, today, Louise Casey made public her findings and it found that
“The council’s culture is unhealthy: bullying, sexism, suppression and misplaced ‘political correctness’ have cemented its failures. The council is currently incapable of tackling its weaknesses without a sustained intervention.”

She also criticised the council’s deep-rooted culture of suppressing bad news and ignoring hard issues, writing: “RMBC goes to some length to cover up information and to silence whistleblowers.” Her “reluctant” conclusion was that “both today and in the past, Rotherham has at times taken more care of its reputation than it has its most needy”.
With that report, the government has taken over control of Rotherham council, and the entire Labour led council has resigned. Yet, after report which exposed their inability to tackle Islamic rape gangs, the left-wing council members are still adamant that rather than the young girls who were raped by these disgusting Islamic rape gangs, it is they, the fat cat so called champions of their society who are the real victims.
70% of current Rotherham councillors, including cabinet members, dispute Jay’s findings. One told Casey’s team: “I would challenge lots of the Jay report, we feel bruised by it. Where is our right of reply? Who is fighting our corner? People are rolling over and just accepting it.
Yup, the very same people who covered up the acts of Pakistani rape gangs by silencing the whistleblowers and who even closed down a project designed to highlight such problems because they exposed so many paedophiles from within the Pakistani community can only see themselves as victims.

Funny enough, 41 miles away in Bradford, the police have just charged 25 men with... child sex offences. I wonder if they all speak Urdu???? Well, it is Bradford.

That, people, is where political correctness has led to in the UK.