Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Obama's foreign policy fail

(Cairo) Well, Obama really is going to go down as the idiot who ruined America's reputation, what with North Korea, Iran, Russia and China all fancying their chances, by turning his back on the UK, Israel and Taiwan and by trying to treat Islamic terrorists as misguided criminals. You can see why America's standing in the world has plummeted since Bush left office.

An in yet another fail of American foreign policy, Egypt which procures all its weapons from the US has decided that getting told to respect the rights of Islamic terrorists by a country which bombs them from the air just isn't on and by withholding the delivery of F-16 jets a few years back got them looking elsewhere, which is why the breaking news at the moment is that Egypt is on the cusp of purchasing 24 French Rafale jets. Yes, the plane that France couldn't sell to anybody is the one the Pharaohs want after Obama tried to tell them how to treat their terrorists by withholding weapons systems already paid for.

Way to go, Obama.