Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Uk: Egyptian found guilty of antisemitism

(St Albans) Last August , 20 year old  , Adam Cassidy saw red when he saw a Jewish family enjoying a coffee and decided to go on a anti Semitic rant  , throwing vile abuse resulting in him kicking the pram containing a baby.

Problem for Adam he was filmed and the otherday he was found guilty in court of being a racist thug. In his defence Cassidy claimed they called him a “dirty Arab” but as you can see he looks nothing like an like an arab, His brief Ali Hussain,  claimed that the slur was not motivated by racial hatred but was used as an equivalent to what his client had been called before recording started.

Cassidy, who grew up in Egypt and is the son of an English mother and a Turkish father, tried pleading not guilty to racially aggravated assault and to using the slur when he appeared at St Albans Magistrates’ Court. Unfortunately the courts were having none of his religious mandated Taqiya and he was found guilty of being a racist thug and has been ordered to return next month for sentencing , hopefully he will do a runner back to the mother country and save the tax man some cash.