Tuesday, March 3, 2020

UK: The duplicity of the media when it comes to attacks by Muslims.

(Morley)  In 2018, a 15 year old Syrian asylum seeker was attacked by a white pupil at school, this was caught on film and the incident was all over the media . A go fund me page was set up for the victim and the attacker vilified.as a racist forcing him to leave the country for his own safety.


That incident transpired in Huddersfield. Last week another incident transpired 11 miles away from the first in Morley with another child asylum seeker also 15 years of age, but a Sikh from Afghanistan, this too was caught on film and it has garnered much less publicity from the main stream media, gee I wonder why? if that isn't bad enough the little bastards try again few days later
Now, I'm from this area, I learnt Martial arts at Morley Sport centre , My Islamic nephew goes to this school and yet the usual suspects who love to play the race card are silent.

What is it about Muslims and such that the authorities and media are far too scared to treat them like they treat everybody else. I mean currently the media is full of stories about how Chinese looking people are getting attacked over the Corona virus.  There was one over the weekend in a club in Birmingham where an Asian woman (In the Uk Asian means somebody from the sub continent) was knocked unconscious by a gang of blokes after she defended her Chinese friend from abuse . The attackers were Asian, which in Birmingham will mean they were Islamic and yet where is the widespread media outrage? can you image the outcry if the attackers had been white. (And I'm not white saying this)  Its a disgrace how the left, the media and the authorities refuse to treat acts of violence from people my own ethnicity as they would a white person.Instead they love to play the race card over acts which are anything but.  Then they wonder why people are gravitating to the far right.