Sunday, March 1, 2020

Syria: Turkish forces take huge toll on Assads forces. (Part 2: Air war)

(Damascus)  As mentioned previous the Turks have used their technological advantage over the Syrians to great advantage , in the air this has entailed the use of Combat unmanned aerial vehicles (CUAV) which Turkey has spent a lot of time and effort developing and which over the past few days have taken a huge toll from the Syrians. The two main drones in use by the Turks are the:

and the Bayraktar Tactical UAS

Until now, the use of  UAVs has centred around taking out asymmetrical combatants aka terrorists , usually to much chagrin of the ethical latte crowd. But what they have failed to understand is that the UAV is a weapon of war, that allows you take the battle to the enemy at much less risk to your own troops.  So whilst the Turks have lost 10 UAVs these past few days, they (not counting the 30 odd soldiers killed last Thursday which precipitated this huge bunfight) have taken out over 100 armoured vehicles , killed hundreds of Syrian troops , captured just as many, including their arms and ammunition and pushed back a well armed and  aggressive force for very few losses, which in this day and age is what counts in which to keep the public happy. Here are a few examples of how lethal the above drones have been across Syria this past weekend which at a stroke have denied the Syrians the freedom to move on the battlefield.

The above video is over 14 mins long and it is full of target after target being taken out from the air. if you can't be bothered to waste 14 minutes of your life , here is a an entire armoured convoy being taken out in 34 seconds
Note, I am not trying to trivialise war, as I know from first hand experience how ugly it gets at the coalface, I am simply telling what is happening in Syria in an easily digestible format for those people who watch the news and afterwards ask the question, "What is really happening out there"

The strange thing here is whilst the Turks have shown to the world what the UAV is fully capable of against a well trained and numerical superior foe in Syria, across in Libya, the reverse is true and the Turks have been losing their UAVs left right and centre, with 4 been destroyed this past weekend. alone