Wednesday, March 25, 2020

CHAD: 92 Chad soldiers killed in ' Boko Haram attack

(N'Djamena) So whilst the world hankers down regards the latest virus to have come out of China , resulting in as much as 20% of the world’s population told to stay indoors. The islamist idiots in Africa have decided that as everybody has been told not to go out, they will go to them and so in Chad , Boko Haram the so called peaceful bunch of Islamist jihadists who preach on a platform of no western education  but for some very strange reason tend to attack Mosques and the homes of Muslims struck a CHAD army base situated on an Island on Lake CHAD, before doing so they secured all points of ingress and so when reinforcements arrived they too were taken out.

Whilst the military,where trying to sort their act out, the jihadists decided to leave by speedboat. Gee who would have thought to have used boats in which to attack an Island.