Monday, March 23, 2020

UK: 3 lads spit, cough and assault old people, man steps in. Police and media remain silent on the guilty 'B's

(Hitchen) So with the world currently under a lockdown over COVID 19, the media is reporting a story from last Friday just north of London where an old couple were approached in the middle of the street by 3 youths , who proceeded to cough and spit in their faces , when the couple complained they decided to beat up the old woman giving her a black eye.

A man who was driving past saw this, got out and decided to sort the thugs out. and because the UK is now full of political correctness, the Police berated the man and asked the public not to publish videos of the event.

Anybody else find it strange that the Police are asking the public not to air videos of the event as it may hamper their investigations. Gee I wonder why?